Our café


Our café


Our cozy café is located just 10 minutes walk from Freedom Square, on a hill between the Cosmos cinema and the national library. The café is filled with beautiful aromas of sweet pastry and freshly ground coffee. This is because we make all the desserts that you can see in the shop window and on the counter in our cafe’s fully equipped kitchen. In our assortment we have cakes, cupcakes, sweet and salty pies, pastries, and of course, our famous Oreshki biscuits. We prepare espresso and other coffee drinks using freshly roasted Arabica Sume coffee beans, with our La Marzocco espresso machine. We also have a wide selection of teas, from white tea to Japanese matcha tea. We love to celebrate all the holidays and listen to the music of days gone by.
Topellier Café in Numbers:
Number of seats: 9
Number of tables: 5
Opening hours: working days from 8am until 6pm; Saturdays from 10am until 3pm
Prices: from 0,6 € to 4 € for a dessert
Coffee prices from 2 € to 3 €
For reservations call 55527165

My name is Alina Topeljer and I’m delighted to welcome you to the website of my bakery.


You might find it surprising, but for the last 10 years I’ve been working in the tourism sector. I have two degrees — the first in oriental philology and the second in Italian language and culture.


But ever since my childhood I’ve had a secret passion — baking. Every Saturday during my summer holidays — which were spent with my grandmother, who was actually a confectioner herself — was filled with the smell of rising yeast dough, and every Sunday morning featured the irreplaceable aroma of fresh baking.


Unfortunately, there are not too many family recipes left, but there are many lovely memories about putting them into practice, where we treated the dough with as much care as we would if it were a living creature.


However, it’s only recently that I’ve decided to focus on baking on a professional level. To be honest, back in 2011 I didn’t even know what baking powder was.


In order to fill in the gaps, I first started baking at home. I then went to study to be a pastry chef in Teko, which also gave me an opportunity to practice baking on a more professional level. To take it even further, I attended several masterclasses by some of the top professionals in the industry.


Today, I’m the proud owner of a small bakery, where I create original desserts. I’m constantly on the hunt for new flavors, interesting textures and the finest ingredients, all to ensure that you’ll pleasantly surprise the guests at your event with what looks like a dessert, but which turns out to be a gastronomic journey of discovery!

My name is Svetlana Topeler.


I’m one of the representatives of the Topeler family and work in our home bakery. I’m also Alina’s mum.


Throughout my life, I have tried many different professions – I was an accountant, a clothing store proprietor, I ran a cafe at the hospital, and even managed the first burger stand on Pirita beach, which used to be very popular and had very long queues.


Nowadays, at the Topellier bakery, I mainly make Oreshki biscuits, as well as make the fillings for cakes and cupcakes. In addition to this, I also make sure that the bakery is fully-stocked.