Chocolate cake with passion fruit

For all fans of explicit and exotic tastes, we’ve prepared a chocolate cake with passion fruit that is out of this world. Its rich and complex taste has gained popularity among our loyal customers. This really comes as no surprise, as we’ve kept up with our tradition here and added a very generous amount of high quality chocolate!


We soak the cake layers with a natural puree of exotic passion fruit. We then interweave with a tender mousse cream made from dark chocolate, whipped cream, mascarpone cheese and passion fruit jelly. You have to agree, after having a piece of such dessert with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, it’ll be hard to resist the temptation of having another piece!


Traditionally, we cover this cake with a layer of chocolate ganache. If you wish, we can decorate the cake with cream of any colour, or cover it with sugar paste and add any kind of sugar paste figures.


Ingredients: chocolate, milk, eggs, butter, sugar, flour, starch, baking powder. Chocolate cream ingredients: chocolate, mascarpone cheese, cream. Passion fruit jelly: passion fruit puree, sugar, gelatine. Soaking liquid: passion fruit puree, sugar.


Allergens: wheat, dairy, eggs.


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