Oreshki biscuits


The making of the walnut-shaped Oreshki biscuits is a long and painstaking process. First we make the dough and leave it to rest in the fridge for several hours. We make small balls out of the rested dough and then we bake them in an electrical ‘nut maker’ until golden-brown. But that’s only the beginning! Before putting the filling into the ‘shells’, the shell sides have to be smoothed and the ‘skirts‘, which form during baking, have to be removed.

The filled in biscuits are then kept in a fridge for another couple of hours. After that, depending on the filling, we decorate the biscuits with chocolate, candy crumbs, dry flower petals, berries, coconut flakes or nuts. Only after all these processes have occurred can our famous Oreshki get onto your table at your deliciously festive tea-parties.