Coffee/Vana Tallinn liqueur


Oreshki biscuits №16


Coffee flavoured Oreshki biscuits with a traditional Estonian liqueur – Vana Tallinn. The hot Jamaican rum, herbs, citrus oils and spices, which are included in Vana Tallinn, perfectly combine with coffee. It’s the coffee and liqueur combination in the filling of these oreshki biscuits that play leading roles. The white chocolate add the delicate sweetness of the ganache, and the spicy note is enhanced by the tropical tonka beans, also. To emphasise their creamy coffee taste, we decided to make these Oreshki biscuits with two-colour shells and decorate them with granulated coffee and pieces of white chocolate.


The shells of the Oreshki are made from shortcrust pastry, which contain 100 per cent natural ingredients — butter, icing sugar, eggs, flour, cocoa powder and baking powder. The filling is a ganache made from white chocolate, Vana Tallinn liqueur, cream, coffee, tonka beans and butter.


Allergens: wheat, dairy, eggs.


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