How do I order your pastries?

Our goodies can be ordered through a form on our website, by phone: 55527165, or by writing a personal message on Facebook.

How far in advance do I need to order Oreshki biscuits, cupcakes and cakes?

Oreshki can be ordered 1-3 days before you need them ready, cupcakes — 5-7 days, and cakes — 10-14 days. Please bare in mind that some dates are very popular, especially holidays (Valentine’s Day, the 8th of March, Father’s Day, Christmas, etc.). So please make your order in advance if you want to receive it in time. Sometimes we can also accept urgent orders, but this is subject to availability.

How can I find you?

Currently we don’t have our own shop. Our products are made to order in an equipped workshop. Orders can also be collected at our partners and friends shops – café Mademoiselle in Stockmann and Viardo studio.

How can I collect my order?

There are two locations at which you can collect your order:
1. At the cafe Mademoiselle in the Stockmann shopping centre, located on the fifth floor. Orders can be collected from Monday until Sunday from 11am until 9pm.
2. At the Viardo studio on Luha 20. Orders can be collected from Monday to Thursday from 10am until 4.30pm, and on Friday from 10am until 6pm. During the weekend, orders are collected by appointment.

I asked a question on your Facebook/Instagram page, or emailed you and still haven’t got any answer…

We’re really sorry to hear that. Usually we try to answer all enquiries within a couple of days, but as we are busy with orders, taking care of social media accounts and trying to create something new at the same time, delays may sometimes happen. There are, however, cases when we could have missed your order, therefore if you do not get an answer within three days, please do not hesitate to drop us a line again.

Is it possible to buy a box of Oreshki biscuits, cupcakes or a cake directly at the cafe?

We make oreshki biscuits, cupcakes and cakes only to order. Oreshki biscuits and cupcakes can be purchased individually in the cafe Mademoiselle outlets in Stockmann, Solaris and Ulemiste shopping centres.

What is the best before date for your cupcakes?

We recommend keeping our cupcakes in the fridge for no longer than three days. Take the cupcakes out of the fridge 20-30 minutes before serving.

What is the minimum quantity of Oreshki biscuits that can be ordered?

We have boxes of 10, 20 and 40 pieces.

What is the best before date for your Oreshki biscuits?

We recommend keeping our Oreshki biscuits in the fridge for no longer than three days.

What is the minimum quantity of cupcakes that can be ordered?

The minimum order size is 4 cupcakes. When ordering 4 cupcakes, the flavour of all the cupcakes must be the same.

Is it possible to order a box with all flavours of Oreshki biscuits at once?

No, you can only order five flavours of Oreshki for one box, one of them should be with boiled condensed milk.

What is the minimum weight of a cake that can be ordered?

1.5 – 1.8 kg.

Is it possible to make a cake in the shape of a football/heart/bear?

No. We can only make round, square or rectangular cakes.

Is it possible to send walnuts/cupcakes via Smartpost or Omniva?

It is not possible, because Oreshki and cupcakes are easily damaged and the temperature condition are not monitored by these companies.

What pastries would you reccommend for mummies on breastfeeding?

We can only really recommend the Madeleine cookies.

Is it possible to make cupcake with text on it?

Yes, the following methods for cupcake text are available: 1) with a food marker, 2) using squeeze out stamps, 3) by printing them on sugar paper, 4) by laying out plaits or letters from sugar paste. See examples.



How can I choose my preferred decoration for the cupcakes?

You can send us photo examples of cupcakes that you like, or try to come up with a list of wishes for each cupcake separately.

How do I choose my preferred decoration for a sugar paste cake?

It is possible to send us a photo of the cake you like from the Internet, or you can try to describe a desirable decoration. When ordering a cake for kids, don’t forget to add the age and the name of your child if you want to use them in the decoration.

How do I calculate the necessary weight of a cake?

Usually we recommend a 1 kg cake for 8 people, i.e. 125 g for 1 person. At the same time the minimum weight of cake is 1.5 kg. Please note that the weight of some cakes can vary depending on the decoration used.

Is it possible to order a 1 kg double storey cake?

No, the minimum weight of a double storey cake starts at 4 kg.

I have ordered a 2 kg cake and received a cake which is 2.3 kg, why is this?

Each order is individual and handmade; therefore the weight of a cake can vary by 300 g either way.

What is the price of a 1 kg cake?

You can check the prices of cakes here.

What is the price of 1 cupcake?

You can check the prices of cupcakes here

What is the price of 1 Oreshki biscuit?

You can check the prices of Oreshki biscuits here.

I can’t find my favourite biscuit cakes with cottage cheese and canned peaches, you don’t make them?

We do not offer them, because such cakes can be found at all other bakeries.

Is it necessary to order a wooden cake board with a logo separately? Do I have to return it back?

No, the wooden cake board is included in the price and you do not need to return it.

Is it possible to lease cake supports or cupcake supports from you?

Yes, the cost of rent and the amount of deposit depends on their size. Click here for photos.

Do you use sugar paste or marzipan to cover cakes and cupcakes?

We use sugar paste.

What is sugar paste?

Sugar paste is a plastic sugar dough. The main component of sugar paste is sugar powder and it has very sweet taste. We use readymade sugar paste, therefore it’s not possible to make it from “honey cake” or something similar.

What does edible ink printing mean?

An image which is printed out by the printer with edible ink on edible paper is called edible ink printing. We use sugar paper which is slightly thicker and softer than regular paper. It is absolutely edible and has a delicious vanilla taste. The edible ink printer works the same way as a paper printer, the only difference being the cartridges that are used — the ink is suitable for eating.