Raspberry Lemon Cake

The freshest, lightest and, therefore, most summery cake in our lineup. Initially, we intended this cake to be for weddings, but its sponges are so light and its creams are so delicate that we  decided to make this cake only single-tier. The raspberry and lemon in this cake are swirled together like in a wedding waltz. The fragrant lemon cake with three very different toppings that complement each other perfectly.
The bottom layer is a raspberry namelaka. Don’t let the name of the cream scare you, in Japanese it means ultra creamy – as the cream is made from cream, chocolate, and in our case, we also add some raspberry puree. The second filling is a juicy lemon curd. A delicate, and at the same time, rich lemon custard. The third filling is a light cream cheese, to which we add some ripened raspberries.


Traditionally, we cover the raspberry lemon cake with some cream cheese frosting, decorated with some raspberries. At the customer’s request we can decorate a cake with coloured cream or cover with sugar paste and add any figures.
The minimum weight of the cake, including sugar paste decor, is 1.8 kg.


Ingredients: eggs, sugar, flour, the juice and zest of a lemon, white chocolate, cream, raspberry puree, gelatin, butter, cream cheese, raspberries.


Allergens: wheat flour, dairy products, eggs.


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