Chocolate / orange

Oreshki biscuits N15

Oreshki biscuits N15


Chocolate Orechki with orange and a Grand Marnier liqueur. We add the classic French liqueur Grand Marnier, with its over one hundred year history, into the filling of these Oreshki biscuits. This liqueur is a delicious blend of cognac and Caribbean citrus, which make the added combination of chocolate and orange even more rich and refined, turning this Oreshki into a dessert for gourmets! To emphasise the two contrasting tastes that blend harmoniously in the filling, we decided to make these Oreshki biscuits with the two-colour shells and decorate them with slices of colourful dried fruits.


The shells of the Oreshki are made from shortcrust pastry, which contain 100 per cent natural ingredients — butter, icing sugar, eggs, flour, cocoa powder and baking powder. The filling is a ganache made from dark chocolate, the Grand Marnier liqueur, cream, butter, orange juice and orange zest. The decoration is made using dark chocolate and dried fruits.


Allergens: wheat, dairy, eggs.


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