Honey cake

The favourite cake of our founder during her childhood was a honey cake, baked by her grandmother. We’ve saved the family recipe, selected the finest ingredients, added a drop of the warmest family memories and prepared a sensational cake, which is the most popular among our clients, regardless of age, throughout the year. The honey aroma of the thin cake layers is miraculously bound with a thick sour cream blend, to create the very same unique taste that’s known and loved from everyone’s childhood.

If you would like to surprise yourself and your family with a great, homely cake, our honey cake is the best solution. Honey cake is traditionally decorated with crumbles made from the cake layers. Alternatively, if you wish, we can decorate the cake with cream of any colour, or cover it with sugar paste and add any kind of sugar paste figures — your imagination is the limit!


Ingredients of the honey cake layers: honey, sugar, eggs, butter, flour, baking of soda. Ingredients of the cream: sour cream, icing sugar.


Allergens: wheat, dairy, eggs.


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