Strawberry cupcake with kama

At every opportunity we try to work with the highest quality products produced in our country, and one day decided to create a dessert based on the popular Estonian super food, kama. Kama is a finely milled flour mixture of roasted oats, barley, rye and pea flour. As such, it blends perfectly with dairy products, nuts and berries. This is what we have tried to reflect in our cupcakes.

We took one our of customers’ favourite cakes as a base — a white cake, added a strawberry flavoured jelly filling and covered it all with cream made using Philadelphia cheese, kama and almond paste. It’s probably the most Estonian dessert in our line-up.

Its wonderfully smooth taste will definitely make you reach for the kettle and a second cup of tea, helping you indulge in the memories of a happy childhood.
Because kama is one of the main ingredients of the cream, we can only offer the original design of the dessert without any sugar paste decorations.


The ingredients of the vanilla cake are: sour cream, butter, eggs, flour, sugar, salt, baking soda and baking powder. The filling is a strawberry jam, consisting of strawberry puree, lemon juice, sugar and gelatine. The cream-frosting top is made using Philadelphia cream cheese, butter, icing sugar, almond paste and kama.


Allergens: wheat, rye, barley, dairy, eggs.


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